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Ford Explorer PIU – Slick Top Basic Package

Package Price: Starts at $4,150.00 Installed

Package Contents

Part NumberDescriptionLocation
IX50UFZWhelen Ie Xlp 10-Lt 2020 Ford UtilityWindshield
MCRNTRWhelen Stud Mount Micron RedGrille
MCRNTBWhelen Stud Mount Micron BlueGrille
295SLSA6Whelen 295Slsa6 Siren/Control CenterLight/Siren Controller
SA315PWhelen Sa315P Speaker, Black PlasticSiren Speaker
SAK67DWhelen Sa315 Mt Kit Ford Utility DrvrSpeaker Bracket
DTA8Whelen 8-Light Dominator Tir3 T/ATop Inside Rear Hatch
DBKT4Whelen Dominator Angle Mount BracketDta8 Brackets
WIGWAGHeadlight WIG-WAGHeadlights
CVS1012INUTHavis Ford Interceptor Utility Specific Angled ConsoleConsole
CARM102Havis Side mount armrestArmrest
CCUP2IHavis Internal cup holders Cup Holders
LINSV2RWhelen Surface Mt Linz V-Series RedOutside Mirror
LINSV2BWhelen Surface Mt Linz V-Series BlueOutside Mirror
LSVBKT50Whelen Linsv Mirror Mt Kit 20 UtilityMirror Mount Kit

Pulling from nearly 70 years of expertise working alongside law-enforcement professionals, Ford presents its current-generation Ford Explorer – Police Interceptor Utility as the first-ever pursuit-rated hybrid police SUV. Followed up with a Slick Top Basic Package and you have a solid edition to your vehicle fleet.