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Dodge Durango Pursuit – Patrol Slick Top Cage Package

Package Price: Starts at $7,500.00 Installed

Package Contents

Part NumberDescriptionLocation
IX44UFZWhelen Inner Edge Xlp 10Lt 13 DurangoFront Windshield
RSB03ZCRWhelen Tir3 Horiz. Sync. Blu.Grille
RSR03ZCRWhelen Tir3 Horiz. Sync. RedGrille
LINSV2RWhelen Surface Mt Linz V-Series RedOutside Mirror
LINSV2BWhelen Surface Mt Linz V-Series BlueOutside Mirror
LSVBKT44Whelen Linsv Mirror Mt Kit DurangoMirror Brackets
DTA8Whelen 8-Light Dominator Tir3 T/ATop Inside Rear Hatch
DBKT4Whelen Dominator Angle Mount BracketBrackets For Dta8
IONRWhelen Ion Light RedLicense Plate Area
IONBWhelen Ion Light BlueLicense Plate Area
ULF44Whelen Universal Led Flasher 4 OutletTail Light Ring
WIG-WAGHeadlight Wig-WagHeadlights
B6705D18Pro-gard 7 Gauge Steel Wire, Cargo Barrier with Filler Panels Cargo Barrier
GVPMDHPro-gard Vertical Partition Mount Dual Weapon Tri-Lock Gun Rack w/Handcuff KeyDual Weapons Mount
CVS2300DURHavis Vehicle-Specific 23″ Console for 2021 Dodge DurangoConsole
CARM102Havis Side mount armrestArmrest
CCUP2IHavis Internal cup holders Cupholder
HHS4206Whelen Siren Amp W/ Knob & Slide CtrlLight/Siren Controller
SA315PWhelen Sa315P Speaker, Black PlasticSiren Speaker
SAK54Whelen Sa-315 Mt Kit 2013-14 DurangoSpeaker Bracket
PSSP6704D18APro-gard Center Sliding Poly WindowPrisoner Partition

The Dodge Durango Pursuit has an intimidating presence. Part of that is the more aggressive front fascia on the newer models, guarded by bullish’ push bars. We take that already beefy foundation from the factory and push it a little further with a Patrol Slick Top Cage Package.